3 Excellent Places to Buy Great Secondhand Restaurant Equipment

Starting a business is expensive and time consuming. One piece of the puzzle that takes a lot of time and money is buying the equipment you need. However, these three places let you find inexpensive used items with ease.


Ebay is a fantastic site to find used equipment of all kinds, including high quality secondhand restaurant equipment. They have a wide selection, and the search feature makes finding exactly what you need a breeze. One of the best features of Ebay is that you can bid on items, so you may be able to get equipment for cheap if no one else wants it. You can also often “buy it now” if you don’t want to deal with the bidding portion of Ebay. A last benefit of this site is that you may be able to get free shipping.

On the downside, if the item you want doesn’t have free shipping, you’ll probably have to pay a lot in freight fees. In addition, you don’t get to know who you are buying from, but as long as you stick with sellers with high ratings, lots of good reviews and lots of sales, you should be safe.


Craigslist is another gem to find good secondhand restaurant equipment. The great thing about Craigslist is that you can often find sellers nearby, so you don’t have to worry about shipping costs. Simply meet the seller somewhere and pick up your item. Of course, if you can’t find anyone local, there’s nothing stopping you from buying from across the nation. People selling from Craigslist are usually trying to get rid of items fast, so you may get low prices, and it’s possible to negotiate.

Most sellers on Craigslist, however, only want payment in cash, so you won’t be able to use your business credit card to buy the equipment. When buying from Craigslist, there is usually a “as is” rule, which means you get what you get. If the item doesn’t work, you’re out of luck, so test items first.

A Local Used Restaurant Equipment Company

If you are worried about buying from individuals, consider buying from a local used restaurant equipment company. Here at Mac’s Restaurant Equipment, we have a huge selection, and what we don’t have, we can usually find for you. Our skilled technicians work tirelessly to ensure all the equipment is in good, working condition, so you can trust what you are buying. Plus, we always give a warranty on any secondhand restaurant equipment.

Even if we aren’t in your immediate area, you can rest assured that we can still be your go to local restaurant dealer due to our affordable shipping costs to anywhere in the US. Perhaps one of the best perks of using us is that we love to build a relationship with you and you can ask us questions and get knowledgeable answers about the equipment you’re interested in.

Buying used restaurant equipment for your emerging restaurant, bar, or food truck is an excellent idea, and these three places are great options to find what you need. If you are ready to start buying, give us a call at (270) 586-8758 today!

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