5 Ways to Know Youʼre Born to Start a Restaurant Business

So, you love to eat and think you can cook. You’re not a fan of your job and want to make a change. Your friends and family have told you for years to take your recipes and step out on your own. Why not open a restaurant? This may be just the ticket. You have to admit; the idea is alluring. These are just a few of the things you should consider before diving into your new adventure:


If you’ve watched Food Network or any of the other cooking shows on television you will see something come out of every chef, every potential chef on these shows – passion. This is not a secret. It is a fact. Check out any cooking segment on any show and you can see the chefs blossom as they explain their recipes and show their magic. Do you have that passion?


Do you get along with others? Are you a people person? You are going to have at least one employee maybe more. You need to be able to communicate effectively with them. Since you will be the boss you will have to try your skills at hiring people and that interview can help you determine if you can get along with this person. Can I count on this person down the road as I grow and expand? You also will be interacting with customers and vendors. Is this something you will enjoy or will you have to delegate these duties?

You’re the Boss

We all dream of working for ourselves and being successful. Being the Boss offers a freedom only an entrepreneur can experience and understand. But being your own boss brings with it risk and responsibility. You need to prepare yourself for your new role and enter the business with an open mind and a willingness to make quick decisions. At first, you will probably oversee it all: marketing, bookkeeping, hiring and firing, maintenance person, and even chef.

Hard Work

Be prepared for hard work. Hard work is essential to success and now you have a chance to prove it. And the beauty of is you get to see the results of your hard work every day in the eyes of your customers. Why not put all that hard work and effort into making your dream come true instead of making someone else’s dream come true?


When starting out you need to be a good negotiator. You will be negotiating a location, lease, setting up vendors, and purchasing equipment. Negotiating anything is a skill one develops over time if they have never had to do it in the past. But like anything it is something that can be learned. As the new owner of a business you will learn when to be firm to get the best deals for yourself.

These are just five points to consider when thinking of going into the restaurant business, but they will be enough to get you started. It is up to you to determine when you are ready to plunge ahead and take that first step. There is always room for a new restaurant in town.

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