Commercial Restaurant Equipment Installation: 5 Reasons to Go with a Professional

Every top restaurant requires good equipment to maintain the best possible work flow and adhere to expected professional standards. As such, when deciding on equipment for a commercial kitchen, hiring a professional service can be highly beneficial. While DIY projects might sound reasonable, especially for smaller restaurants, they are often hectic and could lead to complications and significant delays.

When it comes to setting up your new commercial kitchen, you simply can’t beat a professional’s touch. Here are five reasons why:

1. Expertise and Understanding

Professional restaurant equipment installation companies have the advantage of years of experience. This helps them judge the restaurants they’re serving and make suggestions and installations accordingly. A better understanding of the workings of professional kitchens allows them to consult on decisions concerning the layout and make necessary adjustments and compromises.

2. Maintenance and Warranties

Most professional installation companies provide free maintenance and warranty for certain periods of time. Unlike other installers, the kitchen employees do not have to worry about regular maintenance. It is recommended to get the kitchen equipment professionally cleaned at least twice a year or more, depending on the use. Irregular maintenance could hinder the operating of equipment and thus affect productivity. Maintenance is also crucial for ensuring that all the produce remains fresh.

3. Customization

No professional kitchen is similar to the next. The head chef tends to call the shots on everything and decides how they want the layout to be. As such, professional installers can accommodate the needs of the chef and customize accordingly. Inexperienced installation is obvious to the eye as they can provide the bare minimum and not much else. Professional installers can tackle anything that the head chef throws at them.

4. Standards and Compliance

Every restaurant has to comply with the standards set by local health authorities. Professional equipment providers and installers often know these standards and make it a point to abide by them. Moreover, they can find ways to simultaneously provide the preferred layout of the head chef while complying with the standards.

5. Heavy Equipment

Restaurants need heavy equipment like walk in refrigerators, large cabinets, ovens and more. This kind of equipment needs to be handled carefully and installed perfectly. Safety is a major concern when handling large equipment and professional installers often have uniform safety measures in place to maintain optimum safety.

Restaurant kitchens are a lot more complex than residential kitchens and require more planning and attention as a result. The layout of a commercial kitchen defines its functionality and improper layouts can hinder staff productivity. Certified professional restaurant equipment installers have the knowledge required to make the most of the space provided and install according to the head chef’s instructions.

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